About Shaking Wind Ranch

Horses & humans collaborating to awaken hearts, enlighten minds and promote heart-centered peace.

Our effort in founding Shaking Wind Ranch was inspired by a lone herd sire at a BLM facility. His quiet reserve and noble presence called us to recognize his powerful spirit, despite traumatic experiences of capture and confinement. Understanding of the present BLM policies highlighted his predicament for us. When we decided to purchase him, we became part of the solution for one of the tens of thousands of wild horses that will see neither freedom nor sanctuary. Shaking Wind, our herd sire, has called our attention to the plight of wild horses in captivity. They are in immediate and desperate need for compassionate, solution oriented action. We cannot wait for legislation! We must begin the movement and legislation will follow our lead. We are grateful for the help provided by employees of the BLM facility in Colorado during our adoption process. We must encourage similar attitudes at the higher levels of the organization.
That is how change happens.

“Don’t overlook the quiet ones.
There is more to life than drama.
When we are quiet it is because we are
asking you to be still to join us
in quiet magnitude.”

—The Horses


Our Purpose

Shaking Wind Ranch seeks to increase public awareness of the issues facing wild horses and awakening the hearts and minds of humanity to our spiritual connection with wild horses and all life. Through our educational programs, we promote sustainable, compassionate, and practical solutions for America’s Wild Horses and Burros.

Shaking Wind Ranch exists, in part, to explore and demonstrate the possibilities for inexperienced or moderately experienced horse-keepers, with commitment, patience and education, to have safe and rewarding wild horse experiences. Sharing what we have learned so that others can successfully integrate wild horses into their lives is one way we can help improve the conditions and situation for wild horses.

Throughout our process as first time handlers of wild horses, we offer our experiences with our wild and domestic companions as an educational resource so that others can learn firsthand about wild horses in domestication.

“When you follow your heart, (truth, compassion)
It always leads to grace, peace.”

—The Horses





Our Philosophy

We believe that the collective effort and energy of horses and people, working for the common good, can create openings to solve the current wild horse and burro management crisis. The fate of the tens of thousands of wild horses in BLM captivity can be positively influenced by public awareness, involvement and support. The present BLM policies and programs make it unlikely that a large permanent sanctuary for wild horses will evolve in a timely fashion. The collective effort of many private individuals, including those with more modest resources of money and land, can make a huge impact on the present wild horse situation, by adopting or purchasing BLM horses in captivity, and significantly influence future BLM policies.

The long-term history of horses in collaboration with humanity, for the greater good of humanity is unquestioned. Wild horses have always been the source basis for all domestic breeds and continue to be available to work collaboratively with humans in need and in mutual respect.

Nevertheless, the integrity of the species must be honored: wild horses deserve to roam freely in herds on protected lands. We support and encourage re-establishment of large tracts of public and private lands as permanent and protected wild horse habitat.

“Look closely at our eyes. What do you see there?
If there is pain what will you do to alleviate it?
If the is fear, what will you do to reassure us?
If there is joy, what will you do to share it?
Will you look at us truly, and
see who we really are?”

—The Horses